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Monday, May 14, 2012

Well, I'm back. After nearly two years of no 40k I've decided that I'm getting back into the game in time for the new codex and edition, and taking things from there. That said, I feel like a fresh edition needs a fresh start, and a fresh canvas, so I'll be moving my various musings on 40k and any other games that catch my eye to a new place.
So if I haven't lost you over the long hiatus, I'm starting back up at The Tabletop Taubloid, conveniently located at

See you there, Tau faithful.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Future Plans

So uni is out in about a week's time.
Naturally, this means I will be at home, with a load of free time.
And naturally, the urge to expand has hit again.

My plan as of now is to attempt to buy one box of each of the items my army needs, discarding the older models or selling them, as the multi-stripped paintjobs are making them difficult to work with. So I'm probably saying goodbye to a bunch of older models, probably via Ebay or a local sale.
From there I plan to dupe the sprues I buy, keeping them as master sets, and building my army back from the ground up.

I've been working through some new ideas for a list, and it contains some Forgeworld; particularly XV9s.
I'll keep you all updated as I go.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Final Verdict on "Method"

Method works better than Simple Green on metal models, stripping the paint off with little to no effort on the part of the user. That said, it is far less useful on the plastic parts. I had to do twice the scratching of the models just to bring back the shallow lines on the model.
As is right now, most of my suits and troops are not in any condition to be repainted, as the paint has remained bound on despite the treatment. Also, any remaining tac putty on the model acts interestingly with Method. I had a vat separate for the weapon systems, and the larger amounts tac left on the missile pods warped the plastic. This left me with some broken looking missile pods, which is a shame, seeing as how my next list is using Deathrains. Furthermore, my Commander's custom helmet almost came apart, meaning

This brings me to my next announcement.
I'm going to start making molds. A few of my weapon systems were fully destroyed in this process. In addition, I've always been looking to try my Commander's winged design again. So...
I'm grabbing a mold and some resin and going to town. A cheap product that works as an instant mold has recently been brought to my attention, and using this in conjunction with cheap resin can lead to a massive line of missile pods that I can use more liberally, as well as a few more winged suits for the army.

With this in mind, my painting will, sadly, be being pushed back. However, this is a chance to try something new, and I'm excited.
Hopefully the knowledge of making molds will help in the future for other projects. When I eventually get around to duping the models, I'll post up how I did. If I'm lucky I'll get the chance within the month.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mark II Re-Armoring Vats prove a slight success.

Whilst they took far longer to give an effect than the Mark I substance, the cleaning product "Method" also works for stripping acrylics. The good thing about this product is that the paint is actually flaking off in the mixture as opposed to me having to remove it through scrubbing.
A definite alternative to Simple Green.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Testing Mark-II Re-Armoring Vats

Ergo, I'm trying an alternative to Simple Green.
The local shop was out, so I bought the knockoff product. Hopefully it will have the same formula that tears at paint when used in concentrated doses.
Will let you in on the product if it is a viable alternative, though I believe it was slightly more expensive.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well, didn't get to buy paints until today. That means no painting over the break.
However, I'm bringing a bucket of Simple Green and my paints to my dorm room, and converting my desk into a miniature painting area. With some newspaper Scotch-taped to the desk, I should be able to paint just fine, and at my own leisure.
My only snag is finding out where and how to prime. For obvious reasons, priming in the room I sleep in is out of the question. Doing the priming outside at uni could work, but I'd have to be careful and I'd have to bring the models in to dry. Basically, priming will be an arduous process. Also, without a form of compressed air (and an area to go) the airbrush is out of the question as well... unless I prime this week, run home and airbrush, and do the technical painting in my dorm.
But yeah, I'm working on it. In progress pics will be posted, but be warned, I'm not a good painter.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stalwart Markers: Pathfinder Uses

As promised, a short article on my uses of Pathfinders.
Pathfinders have a unique battlefield role. They are unable to deal any real damage by themselves, and must remain stationary to be effective. In an army built upon combined mobility and firepower, this is a strange combination of traits to have.
Pathfinders, as any good Shas'el knows, are of the utmost importance to an army's success on the field. Able to plot out the optimal firing paths against enemy units, they are capable of bringing the best out of your true firepower.

On the field, Pathfinders are useful when given forward firing positions. While useful in supporting positions, they rank below both Crisis and Broadside battlesuits in terms of survival priority. They are likely to be targeted by the enemy, and likely are going to be among the first of your units to go down. This can be used to your advantage, however.
By positioning your Pathfinders in a forward positioning, you ensure them two roles. First, they act as powerful early fire support. Second, they guide more than your own guns, as they will be lit up by whatever your opponent can send their way. By placing them forward they are able to absorb assaults for your main firing units.

All in all, it is most important to remember that Pathfinders are support, not your mainstay. They should be sacrificed for your true fire units when needed. Their value comes in their early support to your firepower, and in their ability to draw enemy fire away from your damaging units.
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