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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I promised you a finished paintjob, and here it is:

I originally owned a Broadside and three Crisis Suits, but I have come into the possession of two more suits (as of yet unbuilt) and Commander Shadowsun is being mailed here as a present. That'll give me a total of 7 suits (including Shadowsun and the Broadside). A Broadside and a Crisis Suit are all I need to complete my 1750 list.
In other news, I'm getting some games in at the local gaming club. If you don't mind that they'll be using proxies, I'll get some Batreps up if I get a chance.
See you all soon.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Camo Done

Well, a detailed job on five tanks and a piranha took some time.
I'll post pictures when I get the chance, but they look nice.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The mechanized wings of my Cadre are undergoing new camouflage paintings, losing their traditional arctic camouflage for a more distinguished deep purple. I'll be uploading the Cadre's new color scheme once the modifications are done.
(Translation: Re-painting my army today. Pics soon.)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to the Shas'o Covenant.

Welcome, my fellow Commanders.
I am Aloh'Nan'El, formerly Aloh'Nan'O, and Sept Commander of one of the foremost military forces to ever be off the records of our Empire. After a period of avoiding active communication, I believe the time has come for me to convey the hardships and knowledge I have learned over the years. I will be attempting to communicate via video log in the future, uploading both still images and aerial scouting drone footage, though the quality of both may vary due to the constantly changing distance between myself and the other colonies.
For the newer military commanders and even the more hardened veterans, I will attempt to highlight both tactical acumen and the various ways to employ the various weaponry of the Fio caste.
I look forward to this continued correspondence, and I hope that my musings will not fall to the Warp, but instead reach someone, anyone, who can make use of them.
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