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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well, didn't get to buy paints until today. That means no painting over the break.
However, I'm bringing a bucket of Simple Green and my paints to my dorm room, and converting my desk into a miniature painting area. With some newspaper Scotch-taped to the desk, I should be able to paint just fine, and at my own leisure.
My only snag is finding out where and how to prime. For obvious reasons, priming in the room I sleep in is out of the question. Doing the priming outside at uni could work, but I'd have to be careful and I'd have to bring the models in to dry. Basically, priming will be an arduous process. Also, without a form of compressed air (and an area to go) the airbrush is out of the question as well... unless I prime this week, run home and airbrush, and do the technical painting in my dorm.
But yeah, I'm working on it. In progress pics will be posted, but be warned, I'm not a good painter.


Tylermenz said...

you could possibly use your uni's art studio. I know the one at my uni has a big exhaust ventilation fan specifically for spray painting

Aloh'Nan'El said...

I'm actually looking into that after class today, though I don't even know if we have an art studio.
I'll let you all know.

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