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Monday, May 17, 2010

New Layout

So after tossing around some layouts I found around, I settled for this.
Personally, the dark feel of it lends more towards 40k than the Purple that I used to have to represent my Cadre. This blog layout can be found at Blogger Templates, a link to which is at the bottom of my blog. For anyone starting up a blog or looking for a change, I'd HIGHLY recommend taking a look.
What do you think? If everyone prefers the simple purple I'd be happy to change back.


Rathstar said...


I really like the new layout, however it has one major pain.

When I go to post, the part of the word verification box is obcured by the advertisement box. You can see the preview and the word to verify, but not the box to type the word into. The cursor is not on the box to type the word in, so I couldn't just type the word and hit enter. I was not able to find a way round this in firefox. In IE8 I was able to post by selected the text "Word Verification" and dragging down, which scrolled the box upwards allowing me to see the box I had to type the word into.

Apart from this the new layout looks good.


Aloh'Nan'El said...

Fiddled around with it, and moved the ad that would be at the bottom of each post to the top-side of the blog.
Thank you for your feedback, as it allows to make changes to benefit the reader.

Kroxitau said...

I like the new layout, it is pretty sweet. I wish I was web savvy enough to be able to change my look.

I am really interested in some battle reports because I want to see how your ideas work on the battlefield!


Aloh'Nan'El said...

I've been playing mostly Combat Patrols lately, testing out unit synchronization at such small point levels.
I'll write up a tactica on CP next, and I'll start tossing in Batreps from time to time.

If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to work my way through short tacticas on major units before I place them together and explain how I run my lists. But the Fire Warrior article can wait.

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