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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aloh'Nan'El goes Airborne

My first big conversion is finished! As my skimmer tactics are becoming more and more complex; walling, trapping, mobile cover, touch-shocking, etc., I decided that to keep up with a mobile Cadre my Commander needed some better gear.
So some pics of the new conversion, fresh from the shop!

The head here is the standard head, but the antennas have been replaced with the business end of a Fusion Blaster. The "hat" piece is a Shield generator, and the space in between is green stuff, painted black. Up close you can see a bit of the mess I made with the Green stuff on the backpack; no amount of sanding could smooth that down too well.
A look at the "Fusion Sword", made from the back of a Fusion Blaster and a flying stem, and painted with various shades of gold and white, and its simple yet effective accompanying Plasma Rifle. You can also see the magnetic base here; a simple magnetix toy glued to a base and attached to a magnet mounted on the suit. Note the golden tipped Seeker Missiles, acting as the thrust for the wings.
A quick view of the wings; the green stuff is a bit off here as well, but it luckily doesn't mess with the magnificent wingspan.
The bottom angle gives a better look at the missile pod, as well as giving a good look at the bulked up shins; it makes sense that a suit flying at high speeds would need more effective shocks.

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