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Thursday, November 18, 2010


So my 40k life has been slowing down considerably due to outside influences and increasing difficulty in finding a game. I've also grown tired of the local tourney scene, as my games have started to come down to the big dice roll of "Can I kill X before it hits my walls".
Sadly, you all are the ones to suffer from it.

I plan on finishing the series on Pushing Flanks, and I will keep up competitive and tactical advice, but my playstyle may be shifting strongly to another form of play...maybe I'll go back to a Mont'ka vehicle rush and attempt to make that work.
Sorry for the slow.


Harman Smith said...

Monotony can turn a man into a machine.

I see why and what. While the Kauyoun playing style can devolve into a "shoot everything until he gets close" the mont'ka is much less monotonous, more risky, and, dilemma concerning effectiveness aside, arguably more fun.

I suggest you pull out the mont'ka trick up your sleeve again and strive to have fun again. ^^

Old Shatter Hands said...

I hear ya. That's why blog has stagnated as well. The Tau gunline just becomes a game of rolling dice at people. Boy we need a new codex. We need a refresh!

NockerGeek said...

That's one of the reasons why my focus has shifted to my Chaos army lately; I just need something new and different for a while. I still have a bit of a backlog on Tau to paint, but I haven't played with them in a month or two.

Rathstar said...

The same thing happened to me 5-6 years ago when I was playing Dark Eldar. That's what prompted me to start Tau.

Although I'm enjoying my Dark Eldar having a new codex I'm not going to forget my Tau, I love the feeling you get when you play a good game and win convincingly.

I'm looking forward to the rest of your Tau articles, they're always good and normally challenge me to include new tactics into my playstyle.


Aloh'Nan'El said...

Thanks for the support, all.
I'll be working on finding a new way of playing the army that'll be both fun and competitive, but I'm not sure how.
Mont'ka tends to be the type of game in which we simply run and play Kauyon.

I may start up an oldschool FoF based force. I don't see it doing much, but I might be able to do something with it.

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