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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Final Verdict on "Method"

Method works better than Simple Green on metal models, stripping the paint off with little to no effort on the part of the user. That said, it is far less useful on the plastic parts. I had to do twice the scratching of the models just to bring back the shallow lines on the model.
As is right now, most of my suits and troops are not in any condition to be repainted, as the paint has remained bound on despite the treatment. Also, any remaining tac putty on the model acts interestingly with Method. I had a vat separate for the weapon systems, and the larger amounts tac left on the missile pods warped the plastic. This left me with some broken looking missile pods, which is a shame, seeing as how my next list is using Deathrains. Furthermore, my Commander's custom helmet almost came apart, meaning

This brings me to my next announcement.
I'm going to start making molds. A few of my weapon systems were fully destroyed in this process. In addition, I've always been looking to try my Commander's winged design again. So...
I'm grabbing a mold and some resin and going to town. A cheap product that works as an instant mold has recently been brought to my attention, and using this in conjunction with cheap resin can lead to a massive line of missile pods that I can use more liberally, as well as a few more winged suits for the army.

With this in mind, my painting will, sadly, be being pushed back. However, this is a chance to try something new, and I'm excited.
Hopefully the knowledge of making molds will help in the future for other projects. When I eventually get around to duping the models, I'll post up how I did. If I'm lucky I'll get the chance within the month.

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Anonymous said...

If you are thinking about kitchen or bath silicone as your choice of a mold-making material, be warned:
Some silicons harden by producing acid (acetic acid), which could damage the source material. Also most sealant silicone, especially the cheaper stuff contains solvents, "extenders" so to speak, that again potentially damage the source. Those extended silicons also shrink, shrinking the dupes and possibly bending/twisting them.

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