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Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 Battleforces (1000pts)

While a usable 500 point army can be made from a Battlebox, a decent 1000 point army can be made from two boxes.

First come the Troops; Again we start with the base of Fire Warriors riding in a durable Devilfish, but with the extras we can have two squads. As above, the choice to take Rifles or Carbines is yours, but again I recommend Rifles.

8x Shas'la (Rifles) -80 pts
8x Shas'la (Rifles) -80 pts
The trick in the prior list of taking the Devilfish that come with the Pathfinder squads is used her again... with a quick catch discussed later. Redundancy (use of the same unit multiple time) makes it more difficult for the enemy to blunt your offensive tankrush.

Next we have the Krootses (not actual plural). Kroot like hordes. They take less morale test that way, bring a lot of wieght in combat and can shoot a lot from cover. It is also VERY difficult to remove a Kroot horde from cover; one of the reasons Kroot hordes are sometimes championed above mechanized Fire Warriors. Their extra deployment techniques make them tricky, as they can start right next to your opponent or off on the side in a wood. The can sit 50% in terrain and 50% in a line across the field to grant cover to your other units. They die to anything that denies cover by the bucket. But they are nonetheless dangerous. Use them.

20x Kroot Mercenaries; 4x Kroot Hounds -164
How to get the Hounds? Model some of your Kroot in leaned over positions, don't give them guns (maybe cut the knife ends off and put that in their hands) and make them converted "Feral Kroot". Paint blood on their hands and maws. These conversions are simple and effective.

Pathfinders are key, and start becoming really useful at 1000 points or higher. Here we will field 8; the other 4 coming from the conversion method outlined in the post before.

4x Pathfinder Shas'la; Devilfish w/ SMS, TA, MT, DP -168
4x Pathfinder Shas'la; Devilfish w/ SMS, TA, MT, DP -168
You can combine these units if you want, giving the second 'fish instead to Fire Warriors. This method will save you one KP, but will make the squad a big target. This way you can light up an extra target, and will make killing all of your lights annoying.

Remember that measly Stealth Team with low amounts of firepower? With a full squad they can shred through soft targets, hurt heavier infantry, and even break through rear armor through use of extra deployment options or just great maneuvering.

1x Stealth Shas'ui Team Leader w/ Bonding Knife; 5x Shas'la
This is where you will first see the use of morale upgrades. A full Stealth Team benefits from a Bonding Knife, as if they fall back from their forward roles they can regroup and move back up, once again aggravating the opponent.

Now we go back to the Crisis Commander; again we lack Heavy Support (AKA no Railguns), so any Crisis Suits need to be of the anti-tank variety. So we use the same Commander as before.

1x Crisis Shas'el w/ TL-MP, FB, HWMT -85
Nothing needs to be said. Its all in the last post.

In 1000 points, one Suit with anti-vehicle guns isn't enough. Luckily for us we can afford a second.

1x Crisis Shas'ui Team Leader w/ TL-MP, FB, HWMT -65
A less accurate, less tough, but equally shooty suit. Use is the same as the Commander, only slightly more expendable.

So the final list looks like:

1x Crisis Shas'el w/ TL-MP, FB, HWMT -85
1x Crisis Shas'ui w/ TL-MP, FB, HWMT -65
1x Stealth Shas'ui TL w/ BK; 5x Stealth Shas'ui -190
8x Fire Warrior Shas'la (Rifles) -80
8x Fire Warrior Shas'la (Rifles) -80
20 Kroot Mercenaries; 4x Kroot Hounds -164
4x Pathfinder Shas'la; Devilfish w/ SMS, TA, MT, DP -168
4x Pathfinder Shas'la; Devilfish w/ SMS, TA, MT, DP -168
TOTAL= 1000 pts


Kroxitau said...

If you are looking at making a list with what you get out of the battle force boxes that is pretty decent. Don't forget units of drones as well. Using Pathfinder markerlights you can increase the drone squads BS as well as reduce the enemy's leadership for the purposes of pinning tests. Each unsaved wound that the drones cause the enemy has to take a pinning test. Example: 4 of your 8 total markerlights hit, you have 8 drones with BS 2 but twin-linked, 3 end up hitting and 2 end up wounding you can force the opponent to make 2 pinning tests at a leadership -4, that is a decent chance to pin.

Comments for further increasing the size of your army:

Your list may not have enough anti tank in it, and with just single suits (while easier to hide) are fairly easy for your opponent to eliminate.

Missile pods are nice versus speeders, but start to have difficulties with AV 12, unless you have a lot of shots.

I really like the pathfinders but in a lower level game taking two units of minimum means that you are spending a lot of your points on the warfish they are coming with. With only 2 tanks in the list the enemy won't have much to shoot at with their anti-tank besides the war fish, which makes them less capable at holding points in an objective based mission.

Also the pathfinders are gonna take a break test if they lose one guy.

The Fusion blasters are nice, but if the suits are close enough to the enemy to use them, they are definitely gonna get charged and destroyed.

The stealth suits are also nice, but for the points they cost I would rather take more kroot or crisis units.

Keep it up!


Chris K said...

With 2 pathfinder teams and 2 devilfishes running around it's completely possible to field a total of 4 seeker missiles, that's perfect for some tank hunting fun.

Or an outflanking combination of stealth drone marker team with fusion blaster upgrade, pathfinder mounted devilfish team and kroot mass unit can cause huge problems for opposition.

That small force right there can take out tanks with seeker/ fusion blaster hitting rear armour + kroot and carbine touting pathfinders to eliminate troops can hurt any firebase.

This will allow your firewarriors and suits to combine fire on any threats roaming the field

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