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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Few, The Proud... The Elites PT 1 (The Stealth Team)

There are only two Elite choices in the Tau codex; The Crisis Team and the Stealth Team.

The Stealth Team is infinitely worse offensively and defensively than the Crisis team. If I were to take three Crisis Shas'ui with Twin-linked Burst Cannons and a Black Sun Filter (not that I would) it would run me 120 points. Compare this to 4 Stealth Shas'ui with Burst Cannons.

The Stealth Team hits 50% of its shots, meaning you will average 6 hits. The Crisis Team hits 75% of the time, meaning that while it has relatively few shots, its total hits will average 6.75.

On the defense, the Crisis Team has a higher toughness, increasing the survivability from all small arms significantly. The Crisis Team also has a larger amount of total wounds. The Stealth Team has a Stealth Field Generator, but at 18" away (the amount of distance that would be between a infantry unit and the Stealth team, including Stealths jumping back and infantry moving forward) the Stealth Field will fail to work 58% of the time; meaning that you will get gunned down rather quickly by what you tried to shoot up.

Where the Stealth Team excels, however, is its deployment options. With the ability to Deepstrike, Infiltrate, and Outflank, the Stealth Team, can get themselves exactly where your opponent doesn't want them. This makes their otherwise puny offensive abilities much better; they can hit isolated units, make attack runs at objective, or hit rear armor of a pesky vehicle; An AV12 or higher front armored vehicle with AV10 rear or side can be much better killed by outflanking Stealths with Burst Cannons, better than by an points-equivalent amount of Deathrains (TL-MP, random item).

Another optin while using the Stealth Team is to drop a great many points on them to turn them into a Stealth Marker Team. This requires Drone Controllers with Marker Drones, minimal team members, and maybe a Team Leader with a Markerlight. The idea is that while this unit is far more expensive than Pathfinders, their mobile Markerlights (due to the Relentless USR) and their Stealth Field coupled with the effective range of their lights and infiltration abilities makes them very difficult to kill, almost ensuring Markerlights all game long.

Stealth Teams deliver a punch of small-arms fire where you need them, or scout out targets for the main force. Try them in your lists.


Old Shatter Hands said...

I've just bought myself a bunch of stealth suits to add to my already large collection. It may sound silly but I've been inspired to create an army themed around stealthsuits. Skyrays, stealths, broadsides (i figure you will need them), kroot and pathfinders. I don't have a list pointed up yet. Right now I am looking at the weapon loadout for the stealths.
3 units of 6 suits like this:
Shas'ui Team Leader with Markerlight, HW multitracker, Fusion Blaster.
Shas'ui with Fusion Blaster.
4 Shas'ui with Burst.
Skyrays, Stealth teams and pathfinders should be pumping out a fair amount of markerlights to make my shots hit on target.

Could be a fun list. Again, never tried but I am setting up a game next week.

Aloh'Nan'El said...

I thought up a hybrid list a while back using 6 Sniper Drone Teams, Pathfinders, a Skyray and Static Fire Warrior teams defended by a response force of double Fusion Stealth Teams.
Effective? Probably not.
Cool as hell? YES.

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