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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1850 Assembled, painted.

Its 1:37 AM, and I have finished assembling and painting my whole 1850 force. It is an amazing feat; I have been using proxies for drones, suits without weapons, etc..
I'll post the list eventually; I've been working on my ideas for a more mobile castle, lessening my reliance on kroot for the role and switching to vehicular blockers.
Good night (morning) all.


Kroxitau said...

Pictures dude! Getting an army all painted up is a very satisfying feeling.


Drathmere said...


Papa JJ said...

Congrats, that is definitely an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Aloh'Nan'El said...

Soon. Soon.
I might have a video batrep coming up; unpolished as hell, but still.

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