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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Unveiling: My Standard 1850 list

Its about time I got my standard 1850 list up. Here we go, and all comments and crit are welcome, though I'm rather set on my choices:


Shas’el w/ PR, MP, Flamer, HWTL, HWMT -96

Very simple, a cheap, functioning Commander. He will often join the Pathfinders for the leadership buff, and late game he will either join a Crisis Team, the 'Sides, or sacrifice himself.


Shas’ui Team Leader w/ PR, MP, MT, HWDC [2x Gun Drones]; 2x Shas’ui w/ PR, MP, MT -211

Shas’ui Team Leader w/ PR, MP, MT, HWDC [2x Gun Drones]; 2x Shas’ui w/ PR, MP, MT -211

These form the bulk of my firing output; they give me a very healthy amount of anti-infantry firepower that can double as anti-transport. I have chosen Gun Drones over Shield Drones, as they are incredibly likely to get a cover save the way I am using them.


6x Shas’la w/ Rifles; Devilfish w/ FD, DP -155

6x Shas’la w/ Rifles; Devilfish w/ FD, DP -155

6x Shas’la -60

Simple, scoring. The third squad is reserved and gets the spare devilfish, or hides. The Devilfish themselves form my skimmer wall; a mobile defense of skimmers moving at 12" a turn. They will almost always have cover, and they are difficult to kill in CC (6s to hit). Melta is a weakness to this, but it brings them incredibly close to Crisis Suits, and with everything in the army out to wreck mobility, it may be hard.

The drones help in movement blocking, stopping infantry, tickling rear armor, etc. In KP, they hide.


Piranha w/ FB, TA, FD, DP; Piranha w/ FB, TA, FD -165

Piranhas are among (are?) the best movement blockers in the game. These are used to both block off the enemy's forward moving units, and to hit enemy vehicles with melta sting. The major purpose of this unit is deathstar removal, either by popping their ride or by simply harrying them to the point of keeping them off me.

6x Shas’la w/ Carbines, Markerlights; Devilfish w/ FD, DP -167

I'm not sure I have to explain marker support. They form a small firebase with the Broadsides and any accompanying drone walls, as the rest of my army moves out. I have no qualms with using them as a lure to seal off a dangerous unit.


Broadside Team Leader w/ TA, HWTL, HWDC [2x Shield Drones]; 2x Broadside Shas’ui w/ TA -280

Massive amounts of demeching power.I don't understand the allure of Adv.S.S.; my Broadsides arely need to move, save for in Kroot Wall builds in which the whole force inches along. The TA maximizes my firepower, allowing spare lights to be utilized for cover removal, not BS increase. Forms the small drone castle with Pathfinders.

Hammerhead w/ Railgun, SMS, MT, DP -175

Hammerhead w/ Railgun, SMS, MT, DP -175

Simple backup; these are more expendable than Devilfish, and form the flanks of the wall, due to their stronger side armor. Submunitions and Rails make great support fire.

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