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Thursday, August 26, 2010

500 point castle

The net is buzzing with Fritz's new challenges. 500 and 750 lists, an attempt to bring back the old-school armies where there was far less on the table.
I am not fully ready for 750 yet, but I have tossed together a 500 list; the thought process involved tossing together 3 lists that embodied certain styles, and picking the best.
I have settle on a semi-static list with a small line of Kroot, 4 Crisis Suits, and a mobile scoring unit. Meltaguns are held in back; I'll have trouble against guntanks that sit in back, but I can bear the shots or deespstrike.

60pts: 6 Fire Warriors w/ Rifles

85pts: Devilfish w/ D. Pods

91pts: 13x Kroot

88pts: Shas’el Deathforge (TL-MP, FB) w/ HWBSF, HWMT

124pts: 2 Fireknives (PR, MP, MT)

55pts Deathforge (TL-MP, FB)

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