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Thursday, August 26, 2010

750 Castle

Sat down and fleshed out a 750 list as well.
The list is rather similar to how I play 1850; it is a true castle, albeit with only one layer of Kroot, no Markerlight support, and only one Piranha to blackade... but it is still very workable. The Fire Warriors are 10 men strong to help lend some fire support.

Fire Warriors: 10x Shas’la w/ Rifles -100

Devilfish w/ D. Pods -85

Crisis Commander: Shas’el Deathforge (TL-MP, FB) w/ HWMT -85

Crisis Suits: 2x Shas’ui Fireknives (PR, MP, MT) -124

Crisis Suits: 2x Shas’ui Fireknives (PR, MP, MT) -124

Kroot: 13x Mercs-91

Piranha w/ FB, TA -70

Broadsides: 2x Shas’ui w/ Adv.S.S. -160

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