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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kauyon or Mont'ka?

I've been reaching a bit of an impasse here with my army lately.
Recently I have been testing out the effectiveness of Kroot in a walling formation, to help buy some extra turns for my Broadsides and such. Preliminary tests have come up well; Kroot Walls are very effective at buying me time and blunting an enemy's offense.
I have also been using a buffed up Markerlight Network; again with great success. Having double the amount of Markerlights makes my shooting ludicrously powerful for a very small amount of points.
I have put together a list with very few mech elements, dual Kroot Screens, Markerlights everywhere, and a mass congregation of suits that will easily win most of my battles... but I hesitate to use it. Why?
Rule #1.
Playing against an army that can wholesale rip you to shreds without giving you a counter is no fun for anyone. I don't WANT to field this list because I feel it would take the fun out of my games. However, I feel like the choice is between that and losing.
It isn't as if I'm facing themed armies I can afford to handicap myself against; the most themed list I play against involves 12 ATs and Lysander hitting me hard and fast. Thew others range from a heavily mechanized Marine List with no shortage of mid-ranged firepower and, the worst, a dual Prince, 9-Oblit, melta termie deathstrike that excels in ripping apart the sub-competitive lists that make Tau fun while still giving a good game.

So how do I deal with this? I'm honestly thinking of going out to buy some Kroot to make a second line, and leave my 5+ vehicles at home...


sonsoftaurus said...

I've had some fun, and even some success, with a pretty sub-optimal (at least by CW) Tau list, with no vehicles or crisis suits. List and couple of example games:

Old Shatter Hands said...

I just ran a Tau foot list at the open. I did OK. In the VP mission I dominated with 1500 VPs and only losing 97. Then I lost the next mission because I lacked mobility and my piranhas all died so I couldn't contest. That seems to be the main problem with kroot-wall armies, they can't move enough to claim objectives.

Aloh'Nan'El said...

I hate to sound mean but, I can't see myself winning against my regular opponents with such a list. It is a nice list for what it is, but I don't see it winning too often against min/max armies.

Mobility is definitely an issue I've considered. But after having a mediocre half-castle do so well and then being able to get myself where I need to be, I think i'll be okay if I am very careful with list construction/shooting.

Rathstar said...

Over time I've moved towards the kroot wall theme, with only one devilfish in the army (pathfinder's ride that is taken by fire warriors).

Against some armies it can seem that they have no way of winning, but against good lists/opponents it is still hard to win. I find I have to use my hammerheads aggressively late game to contest objectives.

Luckily in the UK we only play 1500 or 1750 games, so I find 5 railguns are ok (to allow the inclusions of 2 hammerheads), however at higher point levels I'd probably want more railguns, and I think the lack of mobility may become a bit of a nightmare.


sonsoftaurus said...

@Aloh - no offense taken; I definitely don't claim it to be a strong list!

Aloh'Nan'El said...

It is cool however; not many people can take mass Stealths and make them work well.

Mobility is a problem, yes, but I think I'd rather be unable to reach out too well than to try to do so with a few drones and a tank once I get decimated.
It's not like it is hard to cage our skimmers.

Old Shatter Hands said...

I've been finding armies like this are set firming in the middle of the road. There are some builds it just simply dominates and other builds that give it a hard time.

A good list + plus objective-based game (seize ground) is really hard to win, as you have to do really well in the early turns of the game and then get into mid-field by the later stages of the game. Can be difficult but definitely doable.

SW Krakerjack armies are really tough to beat as all those long fangs with krak missiles just wreck your suit squads.

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