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Monday, September 27, 2010

Battle for Savation

After careful deliberation, I have decided not to participate in Battle for Salvation. The amount of money and time I would have to put into my army to get it fully ready and painted for the tournament is beyond my capability at this time and registering now whilst my army is incomplete seems wrong to me; I may take someone else's spot who is .
That being said, I may still go to the tournament. I enjoy watching games almost as much as I like playing them, and it will be a nice way to meet fellow bloggers. I may not be going for sure, but I will do my best to plan ahead and get there.
Good luck to all the players who are participating!

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Gredus said...

Watching games can be just as much fun as playing in them. When you're on the fence you share in the fortune and the misery of the guys playing. I must admit I do love to watch a good game with 2 experienced players going at it.

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