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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Laying traps: Pitched Battle, Deployment 3 (Heavy Deepstrike Defense)

Tossing this one up, as it is rather short.
Scenario: Pitched Battle (or similar), Any mission type

Enemy forces: Used against heavy deepstrike, namely Drop Pod forces, preferably little to no backfield outflankers, whatever for Outflankers and Infiltrators.

This deployment attempts to neutralize the advantage of deepstriking melta forces from wrecking your vehicles early on or killing off a squad of suits with no cover, or (in rare cases) straight up assaulting you.
The deployment looks something like so:
I do not show Fire Warriors here, but they sit by the middlemost Devilfish, and hop in to avoid trouble.
The Kroot make a full bubble around the forces, giving enough space between themselves and your vehicles that melta range cannot be established. The Crisis Suits are protected by cover saves, as melta will probably reach them regardless of position.
The rest of the game is simple... stay in formation, blockade against and fire upon the enemy as they appear. Once the remainder of the force shows up, you no longer need walls everywhere... meaning a Kroot squad can likely, but not always, be dedicated to assault or scoring in a devilfish.
Remember that Drop Pod armies specifically gain their ability at a cost; they are slow afterwards, meaning in objectives you can use Piranhas and Devilfish to threaten to score. Furthermore, Drop Pods are asking to be melted for easy points in KP games, a task that you can set your Piranhas and Shadowsun to, provided they don't take away from blockading and leading, respectively.
This setup is weaker (but not weak) to frontal attacks, so use it only when you expect heavy deepstriking forces. Luckily, this formation does not take long to move back to the traditional Pitched Battle setup if your opponent decides to drop empty pods or otherwise not deepstrike.
Furthermore, this formation suffers severely against backfield outflankers, leaving you two choices if these appear in your opponent's army in anything but minuscule numbers:
1. Push forward Turn 1, and deploy your Gun Drones as free walls against the threat.
2. Deploy in formation 2. This may leave you in a load of trouble, but you can likely push forward with ease if the enemy has backfielders and deepstrikers.


Also, if you want me to respond to a particular deployment setup (such as a Battle Mission, a tournament mission, or any of the above where terrain bothered you, give me an example of what you mean, and I'll queue it up.


Old Shatter Hands said...

Actually this formation leaves little room for back-field flankers as well, and you can use your fire warriors to plug the backfeild so the enemy can't even come on behind you.

Aloh'Nan'El said...

True, but that leaves all of your Troops completely vulnerable, which is bad.
Backfielders can clip your Broadsides hard if they wiggle in, or take out Shadowsun.
I personally don't like risking it.

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