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Monday, September 27, 2010

Laying traps: DOW Deployment 2 (2nd Turn Deployment)

Scenario: Dawn of War (or similar), Any mission type
Enemy forces: Anything that wants to assault you. So anything.

This deployment option attempts to form your castle as quickly as possible, just like in every formation. The downside to this one is that you can be pushed back early on, giving you problems of space,especially if the unit pushing you back is an offensive threat (guess what particular HQ I'm thinking about).
Anyways, it starts out fairly simple; you move your Kroot into the outer shell of the castle, and wait:

Your opponent then gets a choice; should he fall back or attack you with his deployed unit? If the enemy falls back to regroup, he gives you time to build the full castle, which is bad. So in the next picture I assumed he ran up and attempted to rapidfire the first line. This would draw fire as his other nits came on board, and hopefully run off my first Kroot.
In the above picture, I assume he does not run off the Kroot, as it statistically is unlikely, but the formation doesn't suffer too greatly from the loss of the first wall. The proximity of the attacking enemy allows an almost certain death, even through night-fighting.

Your vehicles can't fit behind the wall nearly as well, due to your original castle being pushed back to 6" tall. Instead, they come in on the sides, and f you can gain midfield, they'll slink back into place. Piranhas move forward to get ready to melt or blockade part of the incoming force.
Blow the close by enemy to hell. It isn't as if you'll get anything else thanks to night-fighting.
The castle than practically plays as normal, save for a little less space.

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