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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Laying traps: Pitched Battle, Deployment 1

Scenario: Pitched Battle (or similar), Any mission type
Enemy Forces: Very little to no Deepstrikers, Very little to no Backfield Outflankers, and preferably no Infiltrators, though the last one really matters little.

This setup is my standard for Pitched Battle, and is my go to deployment against direct forces (forces that prefer to be on the field turn 1, or come on on their side of the field, and either rush or shoot me). This covers the vast majority of armies in the competitive scene these days... Razorback spam coming to mind.

I've put together a picture of what my standard deployment would be:

I understand that his may be hard to see, so I've provided a zoomed version:
The units here are my standard 1850 Kauyon/Kroot Wall list, save for a change in HQ; Shadowsun has replaced the two Commanders, trading ablative wounds and a few missiles for a fully Leadership 10 firebase.
Anyways, the idea behind this is that, without the threat of backfield enemies, and the enemies only popping in on your flanks and front, your are fully protected.
You will note that the forward Kroot need to be infiltrated; this is normally not a problem, but enemy infiltrators can mess with this a tad.
This army will move upfield on Turn 1, and attempt to get into optimal range for your Crisis Suits as early as possible. The idea is to move your Kroot line up and mess with an opposing charge immediately, whilst bearing down on the enemy with your full firepower. When the enemy enters your sweet spot, you will fall back again, and continually hit him with rapidfire strikes.
Your first and foremost objective in this is to demech your opponent. Infantry is very little to no threat to you, as the Kroot wall will protect you from their assault and you can strand them midfield.
A picture of your movement:
Once you have sufficiently thinned out enemy resistance, any remaining Kroot as well as the Fire Warriors can now grab objectives.
In this picture I show no movement of the Pathfinders, but note that they can Scout up and not lose much in terms of firepower...just note that they may be left behind if and when you fall back, and that they could be in trouble if the enemy seizes.

Against similarly castled or shooty armies, sending in the first wave of Kroot to mess with your opponent is useful, as it will disrupt their formation whilst you keep your cover giving wall intact. Against barrage heavy armies, you would be wise to spread this formation slightly to avoid massive amounts of pie-plates.

That is the gist of that deployment.


Old Shatter Hands said...

Where can we see your list?

NockerGeek said...

How does this change if, say, you have a couple of pieces of impassible terrain in the middle of your deployment zone? If you can't make a single cohesive firebase, do you split into two? I know you said you're not taking terrain into account, but having a wide deployment plan like this assumes that you have the space to set up this way.

Aloh'Nan'El said...

My standard Kroot Wall (Kauyon) list can be found here:
I have made the simple changes of removing the Disruption Pod from the Piranha and dropping the two Commanders to allow me to fit Shadowsun.

Impassable Terrain in my deployment zone? It depends where, how big, does it block LOS, etc.
Normally I'd just do my best to build around it whilst maintaining the same position.
With the Kroot I have, I can forgo cover for the second line and actually cover the entirety of the board... which is very useful if terrain forces me to spread out.
All in all, I don't see deploying this way as a problem simply due to the fact that it deploys flexibly... so long as you are centered, creating cover, and maintaining decent firing lanes, you are doing fine.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Nice post. I see what's going on here. I like the two layers of Kroot. Pushing into the midfield is pretty important. If you're good at blocking, this style of set-up can help you influence the flow of the game better.

Aloh'Nan'El said...

Thank you!
I'm working on the use of this strategy against outflanker heavy or deepstriker heavy forces, and will have the formation up sooner or later (hopefully the former!).

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