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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Turbo: The Swarm

The Vespid are among the most hated and most underused Tau units in the game.
Their range is terrible, they lack the ability to JSJ like other airborne terrors in the Tau Empire, their guns do surprisingly little damage, and they have little to no armor.
Why would anyone use our bug-like allies?
Honestly, outside of "THESE ARE SO AWESOME THEY MUST BE SPAMMED!!!!1!1!" I can't give any real reason to use them. They compete with Pathfinders and Piranhas, two of the most useful units in our codex for the purposes of force multiplication, while the Piranhas also double as effective melta carriers.
For those of you that actually want to use Vespids, the following tips and tactics are for you:

1. If you want to use Vespids, choose your army in such away that everything you have supports or draws fire away from the bugs. This can include maxing out on Vespid, as the easiest way to increasing their offensive output is to attack en masse.
2. Be willing to accept that against anything that isn't a Marine, you will probably will end up using them as expensive and fast speedbump units. You have to come to terms with the fact that Orks don't give a damn about your AP3.
3. Make sure you can hold down the enemy. If you can bring a lot of pinning weapons, do so. AFP commander, Sniper Drones, Carbines, etc. IF the enemy can't counterattack your Vespids, you have stopped their first big weakness from coming into play.
4. Use Devilfishes as mobile terrain. This can help seal off one unit in your opponent's army; with a combination of Vespids and other firepower can kill off the target squad whilst making it difficult for other dogs to target you.

There are two tactics that can be utilized with the Stingwings, but there is another brainchild of mine that I have yet to test which I will also be posting here:
1. First strategy is the swarm. It is rather simple, and uses multiple Vespid squads to achieve its goal. You bring in your first squad and fire on the enemy from cover, leaving the squad open to retribution. Meanwhile, move some other squads nearby. When they enemy moves in, you ambush them the next turn with a mass Vespid shoot-assault combination The high initiative of Vespid and their massed firepower can wipe a unit of Marines in most cases.
2. Second is the Bug Bomb, which is simple. Deepstrike them into a piece of cover occupied by a weakened enemy and finish them off.

Now here comes my brainchild, completely untested, and born from recent debate:
Seeing as how the Mont'ka rarely uses Pathfinders, the slot is open for Gun Drones and Vespids.
So I got to thinking... can Vespids or Gun Drones be used as if they were fully mobile Kroot Walls? It is something I HAVE to test out; the sad thing is that they lack the numbers to spread out as much, but a full squad of Vespid or Gun Drones have merit in walling capabilities.
Sadly, I lack means to try the Vespids right now, so I'm going to ask a favor; will a Mont'ka player try this out? I'm going to check out the viability of Gun Drone Squads for this.

Anyways, that's all I have for you for our Wasp-like friends.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Hi Aloh,

New follower here. I'm a regular Mont'ka player and this post DID spark an idea for me.

A friend of mine uses an Eldar Jetbike army but we haven't played I'm still formulating tactics. Since Piranha are really of limited use against him (as blockers) I think I may give the Vespid a shot. My idea is to use two squads to tie up bikes so my suits and tanks can thin down his remaining bikes (especially Shining Spears). On paper it looks like the Vespid would actually have a decent shot of winning any CC against normal jetbikes...a pro and a con. Being Jump troops the Vespid could move 12", shoot and still assault the bikes...which they would have to do since he's most likely going to just fly over them if I don't initiate the assault myself.

Like I said, the con is that I may win the CC and unless I get lucky with sweeping advance, he'll be free to fly over me the next turn.


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